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The International Building Maintenance Academy Inc. is lead through policies and systems to protect the rights and responsibilities all members of the school, this includes staff, students, and any faculty members.

The academic experience at International Building Maintenance Academy Inc. is focused on  both actual on hand training supported by theoretical student-centered learning, support for student success, academic integrity and excellence. These policies are based on decades of actual practice, accountability for academic standards and integrity of the founder in coordination with various property management companies around the country, course credits and program credentials. At IBMA,  his or her ability to navigate through exceptions and unusual situations will be enhanced and guided by these policies. They apply to all students, all programs and all practical approaches and related experiences that the academy offers. Students are required to be familiar with these policies and to keep them as reference for those occasions when they have questions about their progress or unusual circumstances that may arise from time-to-time. Lack of knowledge of these policies, particularly when it pertains to their training misconduct, does not constitute a valid defense against action by the administration.