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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Last month, IBMA and the staff made prominent public movements into the Filipino community through the sponsoring of well known events and opening up to interviews with the media to bring awareness to the school's structure and values.

"Teaching in his spare time was his passion and in ten years, he was able to train around 200 Filipinos, many of whom were struggling to find work but eventually found employment with various property management companies in the city who trusted Manrique to supply them with skilled candidates." - Michelle Chermaine Ramos

Ricky Manrique transformed his passion to an attainable education suitable for newcomers and the working population. Despite the challenges that arose from the government and legalities, Ricky Manrique has pushed forward in creating the program from years' worth of experience.

Learn more about the steps Ricky Manrique and the staff of IBMA had taken together to build the program and provide a life-changing education.