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We Love to Keep our Students Informed

Our weekends have been full of learning experiences taught by honourable and well-educated individuals in the maintenance industry. The working men and women you regularly pass by on the elevator or walk pass by in the hallway of your floor, graduates of the IBMA, have gone through extensive training to ensure and maintain the health of the very building you stand in.

Last weekend, former graduates and current students gathered to hear from two outstanding and recognized individuals in the industry.

Richard Fababier, the President of a construction company, and a past civil engineer, came to educate our fellow students about the nature of molds and asbestos in buildings. He is a well-known licensed Molds Specialists with an understanding of how to control and prevent the unfortunate outbreak of molds and asbestos.

Ricky Manrique, the President and CEO of IBMA, stood at the front our classroom and spoke about Hot and Cold Process Waterproofing. He has worked in the industry for many years and learned through experience to provide the best education to our fellow students.

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