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Why Building Maintenance Industry?

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Welcome to #Storymonday

Few years ago, I met a successful businessman in downtown Toronto area through a common friend.

One day during our meeting he asked me:

"Ricky, why are you so passionate about the building maintenance industry? When in fact I don't even see these people in the building, just like now (we were in a hotel lobby)"

I then replied with:

"We're not supposed to be seen and if you see us, then we're not doing our jobs properly. These individuals may be attending one or more emergencies in the building, such as power failure, elevators not working, flooding or fire. There are several more that may happen in the building that you may not necessarily know about."

Asked yourself these, "Why are all the elevators or HVAC system working accordingly? Are all the lighting fixtures working in the lobby? Are the glass walls clean? Are the floors clean or dry? Are the doors opening and closing properly?"

With realization, he then immediately said, "oh yeah!"

I then followed it with another question, "Now, do you still prefer to see us around?"

The businessman knew and confidently answered with "No No No"

And this is were I got his total respect and attention.

Each Building Maintenance personnel are very important in more ways than one can ever imagine. They ensure our safety and comfort whether it may be inside or outside a building establishment.